Monday, April 2, 2007
Undaunted, Undone
I want to take you out to
where the bay separates
then soak our feet in the sand
feel the soft smoke of heat
and just hold your hand
talk until its daylights
and I hear you say "see you again"
because I just want to hold you if I can
to make sure your happy
and never as lonely as I am
Sunday, April 1, 2007
Bun in the oven

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On my second page now. I forgot how much better and gathered I feel after taking time out for art :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Java Fuel

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SO Ive tried recently to make writings that I do a bit more then just words, and to incorporate images as well. So Ill start putting up pages from my "little black book." This is the first stab at the idea.

The words for people without eagle eyes:

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At night the lights fade
whales sing, they serenade
to exist in darkness
and still have light
what a wonderful gift
what a boring life
two stars meet
then fuse and connect
turn into a sun
cause & effect

..the title for this of course is White Whale :o

Saturday, March 17, 2007
Soft Pastel Korean Candy and half a pack of crushed Camels
Yesterday I got frustrated with trying to make this blog look nice so I decided to go do some shopping. In that time I was able to find a small oriental store here in Traverse :D. Now mind you it's still not as well packed as the one in Kalamazoo...but it has a warm feel to it. There was barely a selection of prepackaged foods, and even less of candy and sweets. Towards the front I was able to find a small bag of these fruity pastel colored hard candies. They are AMAZING!!! They are almost as addictive as cigarettes and have even less drawbacks, just cavities. So let's see...lung cancer or cavities, BOTH! They leave a clean refreshing feeling in my mouth after getting my fill of poison. And the taste, texture, along with colors remind of that innocence everyone possessed in years long passed. It's a rare attribute that I wish I still possessed, but ignorance is the key. Too bad life is a struggle to the top, then an ignorant hobo I would be ;). Well a struggle to the top in most point of views. My take is, get where you want, do what you love, and if along the way you become successful all the better eh. Well think that I've got this thing to look how I want it to.

Many of my other entries to come will most likely be more poetic or artsy. I really wanted to make a blog that would be more pleasing to my eyes, mind, and soul. And I hope that I can get there with this, it helps that none of my other friends use blogger (another reason Ive made this account)

If you happen to read this or any other entries and find them interesting or dull, flawed or phenomenal then please tell me. Constructive criticism is always welcome :D